On March 16th, Channels TV Nigeria’s Business Morning interviewed Andrew about the Nigerian job market.

“We have… more than 100 million people of working age in Nigeria. About 80 million of them are in the work force, right now… about 20 million people are unemployed, so the amount of effort that needs to absorb that is enormous. Our working population is growing very fast… at 3% a year. Even to stay still… we need to create more than 3 million jobs. To create that many jobs… requires investment.”

“The government should focus on just doing a few things… we need about 30-40 billion dollars in external investment… so the urgent issue is how to unlock that capital… set up the framework that you’re going to get the big capital in.”

Watch the entire interview here.


Photo: Adedotun Ajibade : Flickr Creative Commons License.

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