Andrew recently delivered a PwC report about the need for the Nigerian government to support its auto industry with political, economic and legal policies that create a suitable environment for investment.

This presentation was quoted in Vanguard Nigeria’s article, “Domestic Production of Vehicles hit 45,000 Units Per Annum” :

“Nevin who did the official presentation of the PWC auto industry report, during a seminar organised by the automobile and allied product group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), recently, said ‘We created three scenarios in this case depending on growth rate and the government support to the auto industry, By 2050, production in this country will hit almost seven million vehicles and imported used vehicles popularly referred to as ‘Tokunbo’ cars will become non-existent by 2034 as a direct result of local production.’ “

Read the full article here.


Although this is Andrew’s private blog, most “Press and Events” postings relate to his work with PwC, which is instrumental in developing his thinking for the blog.