Andrew has been quoted in an article by Business Day Nigeria: Nigeria requires $100bn Annual Investment to Achieve Optimal Growth.

The article requires a subscription to read in full, but in it, Andrew is quoted as stating that the Nigerian economy is in recession due to poor ease of doing business and the exchange rate policy:

“If we don’t get ease of doing business improved, we are not going to get new investments, and we will be faced with social catastrophe. In my view, Ogun state should be the best in Nigeria because it has all potentials and markets. 50% of Nigerian economic activities is in Southwest, Ogun and Lagos states dominate it.
“But, Southwest Nigeria should re-brand itself to get it rightful position, ease of doing business should be improved on, they must improve on infrastructure and power ratio. 600 million people in Africa don’t have power, there must be power revolution in Africa, Nigeria can develop small, medium and large-scale mechanisms in power generation and distribution.”

NB: The article misquotes Andrew, at one point, as having stated that Nigeria requires a 46% annual growth to break our of recession when, of course, he had said it required a 4-6% growth rate.


Photo: Jeff Attaway: Flickr Creative Commons License.

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