Andrew was recently interviewed about graduate student mentoring in economics for Nigeria.

“Anything that can help the economy work better is welcome… on the graduate side… the thing is a university education doesn’t necessarily prepare you right away to be employed in a company or a government organization so you need to have the mentoring; you need a series of workshops; you need someone that you can go talk to… we’re one of the largest graduate hirers in the country. Anything that can help the graduates be better prepared to do that is extremely helpful to the country.”

He also provided some tips for job seekers: “someone presents themselves in a way that’s not optimal; do they have an effective way to present themselves? That’s an indication whether their thinking processes are working properly… the CEO has 30 years experience… how do you integrate into that system so that you give your contribution but you’re also respectful of that… begin with the way you present yourself, the way you write, the way you express yourself. It’s not for a student environment any more; it’s for a professional environment.”

Watch the interview at 1:05 ff.


Although this is Andrew’s private blog, most “Press and Events” postings relate to his work with PwC, which is instrumental in developing his thinking for the blog.