Andrew was recently interviewed by both CNBC Africa and Channels Television about Blockchain and Commerce.

From the CNBC Africa Interview:

“84% of organizations have some involvement with Blockchain… Blockchain is a distributed leger shared by multiple parties… all the industry players share the same version of the truth and different players have different permissions to update it according to rules… the largest banks [have] a fantastic view of whats happening in the financial system.”

“I think you’ll see [across the Nigerian business landscape] in financial services – the regulators, the utilities, clearing houses – are poised to start… the real trial. Other industries [include] land registry; I think you’re going to see the pharmaceutical industry because it gives you the integrity of the supply chain when you have a blockchain; I think you’ll also see… the tax authorities… will also be one of the early adopters.”

From the Channels Television Interview:

“People now realize you can have blockchain and don’t have to get involved with the crypto… all of the people that are the underwriters of the bonds, the world bank, the investors… are all working off of one leger of who owns what, when a transaction’s happened, has it been settled – it’s a fantastic achievment.”

“This is going to be a 10 or 15 year journey… let’s take it step by step.”

Watch the interviews here:

CNBC Africa

Channels Television


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