Andrew was interviewed by Mark Eddo on “Nigeria Decides” with respect to the upcoming 2019 Nigerian election.

“We are just not going fast enough. We need a private sector that’s probably 10 times bigger than it is today for us to be wealthy, and if we don’t get there we are going to continue to get poorer and poorer. So there’s a number of policies that just haven’t been addressed to fix that.”

“The economic model that Nigeria has used up to now no longer works… we need a different economic model that’s not about taking oil wealth and re-distributing it, that’s about creating wealth. The question for the country is: in the political old guard that are running for presidency, are they going to bring a new way of thinking that we create wealth and get richer and stop being poor?”

Watch the entire interview on Vimeo.


Photo: Global Panorama. Flickr Creative Commons License.

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