Andrew is lead author on PwC’s 2016 Nigeria auto industry report.

The report follows up on on the 2015 report, showing developments this year.

In remarks quoted by PwC Andrew says that “Trends like driverless cars, electric powered cars and ride sharing are revolutionising the auto industry globally. In Nigeria, ride sharing apps such as Uber, EasyTaxi, GoMyWay and Jekalo have become quite popular. Already Uber has made over a million trips in Nigeria in the last two years. This trend could potentially fast -track Nigeria’s path to becoming an automotive hub potentially boosting sales of new and used vehicles as individuals take advantage of partnering with these companies to gain extra income.”

Download the full report here.

Read the PwC announcement of the report here.

Andrew’s remarks are noted in Businessday, November 2, 2016, p 30 (for subscribers).

They are also noted in The Guardian, November 2, 2016, p. 29.


Although this is Andrew’s private blog, most “Press and Events” postings relate to his work with PwC, which is instrumental in developing his thinking for the blog.